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Don't Shoot The Messenger, Or In This Case, The DJ

I have been in business for over 14 years now and have been a mobile DJ for over 18 years and one of the more common “beefs”(pun intended) by patrons/guests at events I have played at is the fact that sometimes I won’t play longer. This usually involves someone calling me down, getting the crowd to chant “One More Song” or calling me every name under the sun.

As I have never been a permit holder myself, I decided to do some investigating and found this one point on the Liquor And Gaming Authority of Manitoba’s website under Social Occasion Permit and checked out the “What Are My Responsibilities As A Permit Holder” section. It reads as follows:

  • Liquor is served only during the hours specified on the permit (Liquor may be consumed, but not served or sold, for 60 minutes after the specified hours. All liquor must be removed from the tables at the end of this 60 minute period.)

So you’re asking yourself “What does that have to do with you not playing longer?” Here’s the problem, if the bar closes at 12:30 AM all drinks must be consumed and removed by 1:30 AM. You are now done drinking and it is time to leave the premises.

Still scratching your head? The permit holder may tell the DJ to shut it down as they want everyone out before that time arrives. The DJ tells everyone that the night is now done and thanks everyone for coming and to have a good night. Easy enough right? Not for the DJ as they start getting harassed to play longer.

Here’s another reason the DJ may have to shut down, the Hall Committee members or Manager of the venue tells you to shut down, it’s only 1:00 AM and the wedding party and other people are begging you to play longer. So you’re thinking to yourself “They booked you so play longer”. Here’s the problem, while the DJ would love to play longer and make more money, unfortunately they must obey the Hall Committee/Venue Manager’s request to shut down. “Why?” you ask. While the one event is greatly appreciated, the Hall Committee/Venue Manager can, should you decide not to listen to them, make it so that you are not allowed to play in their building again. Not good for business, especially if that venue is one you play at quite a bit.

The final scenario may be that the DJ has to go play at the “after-party” and needs to get set-up at another location.

So the next time you feel the urge to yell at a DJ to play longer, pause for a moment, they probably were told to shut it down.

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