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How It All Began:




As a child I always enjoyed music.  My favorite

artist growing up was Elvis Presley and I still love

his music along with the Eagles, James Taylor and many other classic rock bands.


Public speaking during my school years was not one of my strong points, so when I decided to become a mobile DJ, I knew that had to change.  


In 1996 my mobile DJ career began.  While working for a local company I learned that it wasn't just about the music, it was about the crowds reaction to the music that I was playing and how I have to adapt.  Over the next four years I learned various aspects of the business and in 2000 I decided to go out on my own.


The name of my business was easy, I was going to be providing a DJ service and more people knew me by my nickname than knew my actual name.  So Beef's D.J. Service came to be and the first few years were amazing as a lot of local couples and organizations knew me and knew I could do a good job. 


I have changed the way I do business compared to when I started and with my experience and these changes I set my rates to what I feel I am worth.  You don't book the cheapest caterer because you want your guests to eat a great meal, why not use that same logic when booking your DJ? Book the DJ that you feel is worth what they charge.


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