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Helpful Hints


How can you, as a client(or even a guest at the event) make the DJ/MC at the event feel relaxed and not stressed out?


Yes, we get stressed out, just like brides/grooms do at weddings.  Here are some helpful hints as to what can make them feel more relaxed. 


While most won't admit to this, as the focus is on the couple and not the DJ, I have found over the years at weddings that I have done a few things that have made me feel more relaxed.


If you would like to offer me a drink, I always appreciate the gesture.  I will decline alcoholic beverages as I don't indulge.  Water, cola or orange juice are usually my drinks of choice.


When guests are making requests during the event, it is highly recommended that they leave their drinks with someone, or at least not set them in my work area.


If you are not happy with current song being played, don't ask to have it cut off, as someone probably requested it and you wouldn't want your request cut off if someone did not like your song choice.  Songs aren't long, for the most part.  You can visit or go outside for some fresh air.


If a song has already been played and you would like to hear it again, please ask in a nice and calm manner.  If time constraints result in me not being able to grant your request, think of another song you would like to hear as I have ten's of thousands of songs in my library. 


If it is time to shut down the event, make sure that the DJ is not being harrassed by intoxicated guests to keep playing.  The venue manager and the permit holder are the ones who have the say, not the DJ. 


If you see someone or a group of people being rude or throwing things at the me, notify the people in charge or assist others in  getting them out.   

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