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While having all the current hits is important, a variety of music tastes usually makes up your crowd.  So a DJ with a large music selection is one of the things you need to consider when booking for your event.


Another thing to consider is the appearance of the DJ, a DJ who is dressed as well as the wedding party is more likely going to be professional in attitude as well as appearance. 


You get no surprises, every event that I create and happens at your wedding is pre-screened with the couple. For example, if it's something that the couple have to participate in as an activity, you will know what you will have to do beforehand.


I uplight my area at no charge as it's to make my part of the wedding seperate and professional looking.


A DJ who asks about your taste in music is more likely to make your night enjoyable, but they also need to consider the crowd and be able to arrange the music so that both you and the crowd have a great time.


I use music that is CONNECT Music Licensing(formerly AVLA) approved and I am fully insured.


The main reason to book with me is that I love what I do and it is more than making money for me.  I love the reaction I get from a crowd  when they hear the next song and I know it's one of their favorites.  The best part of the night is when the couple comes up to me afterwards and thanks me for the evening because that shows me that I did a great job.

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